100% Swag, 0% Contact
With the Wearable

Contactless payment is the need of the hour. Wear your payment solution everyday - that symbolizes youth & tech savviness, and ensures style quotient. Wearables are anything that can be worn as accessories and used for tap-and-go digital transactions. The card may be worn in any wearable item such as wristbands, wristwatches, key chains, or mobile stickers, which are secure and easy to move around with.

Werables connect a device with a card holder's account. To use a wearable all you need is to log into the BankIT mobile app and switch on the card. Once you are at the outlet, just tap your wearable at the NFC-enabled POS device, and voila the payment is done. No Contact means, no fear of Covid.


wearable devices

Most Wearable Devices
are Hands-Free & Portable

quick, easy, and Secure

Quick, Easy,
and Secure

contactless & covid proof

Contactless &