An intelligent way to use digital cards to provide your employees with meal allowances and save tax simultaneously. BankIT helps its corporate users in ordering the right meal card and executes benefits to its employee card.

Corporate users of BankIT

  • Our corporate clients take advantage of our service which allows them to order multiple cards with easy KYC process.
  • We give you easy access to load money from your corporate funds to employee’s meal card.
  • Corporations can easily track the spent money and the status of the card usage issued by them.
  • We came up with the best meal cards in India by providing the facility of customization of cards according to the company’s policies and requirements.
  • An account manager and sales support is in 24/7 availability to serve the BankIT customers.
  • Analyze expenditures at various levels using graphs and charts.
  • Circulate information and other notifications to your entire staff through BankIT’s notifications service.
  • BYOCP (Build Your Own Card Program) allows businesses with a large number of orders to design their own cards using templates, color schemes, and logos.

End-users of BankIT

  • An employee can use our card in any Rupay-enabled network; he/she can use it as a anywhere in India.
  • It is compatible with every transaction device, including POS machines, ATMs, and E-COMs.
  • For any query or immediate blockage of the card, the cardholder can contact the customer care number or Whatsapp service.
  • An easy pin reset or deactivation is available in any case of theft or loss.