Gift Card

Gift cards are a form of prepaid cards loaded with funds for future use. You can signup now and order these cards, these can be gifted to anyone for different occasions and the recipient can use them for various purchases in stores as well as online. They are non-reloadable and are a great way for you to make people feel special.

Gift Virtual

Virtual gift cards are cards once issued, can be used on mobile apps. Once the card is issued, a link is sent to the cardholder, to download the mobile app, and the cardholder can in no time, start using the card for all e-commerce, and online shopping websites and catch awesome deals! These cards are a great way to quickly give away gifts digitally!!

Signup now, log in and order these cards, it's simple! They are handy for quickly issuing advances, incentives, and commissions which are to be loaded once and to be used for spending online.

Gift Physical

Physical gift cards are cards that you will receive as instantly issuable kits. Each envelope is curated and designed to look like a gift. It contains a plastic card that can be swiped at all POS devices, at any outlet pan India, and can also be used for e-commerce i.e., online shopping. It can be loaded once to be given away easily. Signup now and start your great experience!

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Physical Gift Cards

Can Be Issued Instantly

Designed To Look Like A Well-Thought-Of Gift


Wide Coverage Across POS Devices At Multiple Outlets Pan India

Can Be Loaded Once