Our corporate expense card gives your employees a chance to enjoy the things they need whether online or offline. We offer a Rupay network service acceptable everywhere in the country to every large or small-scale business.


It's Time For Safe And Simplified Finance Management For Employees.

How does it work?

  • A corporate that issues expense cards for its employees through BankIT, obtains the power to monitor every spent penny. In contrast with this, an employee can enjoy the purchase anytime anywhere.
  • We help you to focus on your core work while our application takes the charge to assemble and record data of transactions.
  • Use BankIT's notifications service to distribute information and other notifications to your entire staff.
  • The corporate can analyze the data easily with help of graphs and charts created by the application.
  • We offer expense cards that are compatible with all transaction devices.

Benefits with BankIT

  • We provide you with an effortless approach to issuing easy KYC of expense cards for your business through a web portal.
  • Order a virtual or a plastic prepaid expense card according to your needs through our app and web portal.
  • Customized cards can be designed according to a company's policies and requirements.
  • A BYOCP (Build Your Own Card Program) helps our corporate users to design their own cards.
  • Prepare a spending limit for each card possessed by the company and modify it accordingly.
  • With our services, you get an option to set a merchandise limit on the expense card for your business to be used only in specific stores or stations.
  • BankIT provides instant card blocking or deactivation services in the event that your card is stolen or lost.
  • For any issue regarding functioning or the card itself a 24/7 customer service is provided in the portal and app of BankIT to serve its customer.