BankIT Employee Cards are designed to make your life easier by providing a far more efficient alternative to cash-based expense management. Instantly activated, these general-purpose reloadable cards come with bank-grade security features and are accepted at all online and offline vendors accepting


It's Time For Safe And Simplified Finance Management For Employees.

Employee cards

An employee prepaid card is generally given to the employees by employer for business- related purchase without filling any forms or submitting any expense report. These prepaid cards are effective method of tracking and managing business funds.

How does it work?

  • A general purpose reloadable card that is acceptable in every online and offline store.
  • For company purchases, multiple cards can be distributed to all employees after an easy KYC process.
  • Budgets are easier to manage when expenditures on each card are limited.
  • Employees no longer need to submit expense reports for business payments.
  • A simple way to keep track of all business expenses from anywhere at any time.

Benefits given by BankIT

  • Choose a virtual or plastic card to disburse the desired amount to various cards in just one click by our web portal.
  • Besides providing an Account Manager and Sales Support services, we also provide 24/7 Whatsapp and customer care services.
  • Our services help corporate in customizing the card suitable to its guidelines.
  • The BankIT system makes it possible to restrict the use of cards at certain locations.
  • It is easy for employees to receive notifications related to business through BankIT services.
  • One click is all it takes to deactivate or block a card in case it has been stolen or lost.
  • BankIT offers the service of BYOCP (Build Your Own Card Program) for companies to design their own cards.