Running a Business Comes With Several Financial Responsibilities
like managing

employess payrolls

employess payrolls

corporate expenses

corporate expenses

employee incentives

budget to disbursing vendor/employee incentives

travel, fuel expenses

travel/fuel expenses

other remittances

other remittances

Sign up now, order cards on our corporate junction portal right away. Once you receive these cards, you can issue them to employees who travel, drivers, office expense, admin staff etc. Load them and view balance, download statements and reconcile expense instantly, upload it to your accounting system! Get in control of money disbursed, make it visible. It is a Card - Mobile App - Portal solution. Your portal helps you manage cards and balances while card holder gets easy to use Mobile App that helps him to view balance, see transactions etc. Get "carded", manage smartly!

BankIT Prepaid Cards address these bottlenecks and make it easier to manage corporate transactions by automating, streamlining, and simplifying the entire process through cutting-edge payment technology for:

  • corporate-cardsEasier vendor payments
  • corporate-cardsTimely Employee Remittances
  • corporate-cardsUnparalleled Flexibility to Control Transactions
  • corporate-cardsAll Online & Offline Vendors Accepting Mastercard and RuPay

All of this is available with instant card activation and minimal KYC, without requiring a bank account.

Corporate card

India is moving towards digital development, which means India's businesses should adapt to the fluctuating demands of consumers while moving along with technological advancements, as per the managing director of Experian India. A corporate card is a solution designed to help businesses manage their funds more conveniently.

How does it help corporate?

  • The card is used specifically for business purchases and payments.
  • With an easy KYC process, multiple cards can be distributed to all the employees for the company purchases.
  • Limiting every card's expenditure makes it easy for companies to manage their budgets.
  • Spending money on business payments no longer requires employees to submit expense reports.
  • An easy way to track all business expenses anywhere, anytime.

Businesses get better with BankIT

  • We propose a web portal service for our corporate users that allows the user to choose from a virtual or plastic card for multiple staff members.
  • We offer an Account manager and Sales support services to assist our customers in business.
  • Our Whatsapp and customer care service is ready to serve its customers 24/7.
  • The corporate card can be customized to meet the necessities and guidelines of the company.
  • BankIT presents a BYOCP (Build Your Own Card Program) service to design the desired card for your company.
  • BankIT makes it possible to restrict card consumption in particular places.
  • In any case of stealing or losing a card, the option of deactivation and blocking is just one click away.
  • Business-related notifications can be easily sent to employees through BankIT services.