Build Your Own Card Program

Build Your Own Card Program

Over the past few decades, businesses and fintech companies are rising hand in hand. Businesses have found their way to benefit from the services that fintech companies offer. From building a technological advancement in financial support to innovating new and beneficial services for customers, fintech has gained the trust of the finance and banking sector.

With many customer-oriented services in one prepaid card, BankIT came up with BYOCP (Build Your Own Card Program). It gives an opportunity to select from the various options to design a card that fulfills the desires of the user. Through BankIT creating one’s own desired card is as convenient as using BankIT’s smart card.

Let us discuss how BYOCP helps build a business better.

Make an imprint/reputation

Think of a card that represents your company’s status by manifesting the idea that your company carries. The designed card sustains the value of the company and when the employees use it for their purchases, it is noticed by their family and friends, the merchants, and co-customers. This act automatically builds a reputation of the company by exhibiting its name as a brand and helps in creating an imprint on the employees as well as in the mind of others.     

Involve customers and partners.

A major part of the success of a business is its customers. A happy customer remembers the business, but an impressed customer creates a bond with the business. Prepaid cards are used by many merchants in the form of gift cards or benefit cards to increase the footprints in their business. A merchant-specified card will deliberately impress the customers and attract their attention to the brand.

Moreover, any corporate that likes to express its objectives to partners and friends can certainly impress them by offering personalized cards to them and spreading awareness of its brand. In this way, the partners will feel special, and the corporate can effortlessly fabricate a bond with them by building trust.    


Advertise by flaunting others.

A business never stands alone in the market; it is always surrounded by others that serve the same products and services to meet public demands. A unique card personalized especially for a corporation makes it stand out in the crowd of competitors. This kind of card builds a sense of trust in the consumers’ consciousness by imprinting a brand name in their minds. Every consumer likes to boast about the high-quality brands they use, which subconsciously leads to the advertisement of the business. Give your customers something to glorify by issuing personalized cards for them.

How to personalize the card on your own?

BankIT has made it easy for its customers to design their own cards with the help of a few clicks through its web portal without any hassle of interacting with the administration of BankIT.

·        Make a card that is more attractive and manifests the face of your business by choosing the designs and colors from various templates.

·       The card customization sets the customer free to choose the bank as per their convenience.

·       It is easy to hand-pick from the different schemes of the customer’s choice such as RuPay, MasterCard, or Visa.

·       Effortlessly issue multiple customized cards as per the company’s policies and requirements in physical or virtual forms.

·        The cards are available in all the delivery channels. Select from your preferred channel that is API, App, Web portal, or APK.

·         Customize the usage of cards according to your choices of feature sets, such as a fuel card, cash-only card, ECOM, or POS only.

More benefits of using BankIT’s cards

Find customized finance management with a CAP (Card, App, and Portal).

1.      The card is free to be customized according to the issuers’ needs,

·       Choose the card in physical, virtual, and wearable form with any desired scheme.

·         Restrict the usage of card expenditures.

·         Construct the card as per your aspiration to set the limit or not, fuel card, expense card, meal card, etc.


2.      Find all necessary features on one App,

·         Track the card balance and view transactions with the help of the App.

·        Easily set or unset the expenditure limit.

·         In case of theft or loss of card, block or unblock the card or change the PIN through the App.


3.      Create a plan as per the company’s requirement with a web portal,

·        Create your own login, select and customize your plan for multiple cards with a web portal.

·         Set the functions of cards accordingly and create various branches and users.

·         Track the expenses of multiple users through this web portal.


BankIT wants its customers to focus on their growth while it manages the operations for its customers.


  • We provide you with a support desk and dispute management to handle the policies of your organization.
  • A service that takes multiple orders and listens to the customer’s needs, helps in printing and delivering cards comfortably.
  • Onboard with easy KYC compliance, issue a customized card as per the company’s policies and requirements.
  • Broadcast the information or news to the whole staff about the company with our notifications features in the BankIT’s App.
  • A 24*7 customer service and an instant deactivation feature in App and web portal to make the customers feel safe.